Herbicide-Resistant Weeds by Site of Action

This table lists the number of species resistant to each site of action. Please note that many species have evolved resistance to more than one site of action, so the grand total represents unique cases of resistance, not the number of species.
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HRAC GroupLegacy HRAC GroupSite of ActionExample HerbicideDicotsMonocotsTotal
2B 10768175
5C1 C2 533487
9G 283159
1A 05151
4O 35944
22D 231033
14E 13417
3K1 21012
15K3 N 2810
6C3 426
34F3 156
10H 156
12F1 415
27F2 415
29L 044
0Z 044
13F4 033
0Z 033
23K2 011
0Z 101
0Z 011

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