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Status of Herbicide Resistance in Serbia - Branko Konstantinović : January, 2014

For the last fifteen years, until today researches of herbicide resistance have been conducted in Serbia. Increased herbicide use in arable arease increases possiblitiy of resistance occurrence in the northern part of Serbia (Vojvodina). In Serbia herbicide resistance increases from year to year, as well as the use of herbicides in arable areas. Nowadays resistance is established on majority of locations in which herbicides with the identical mode of action are constantly used. Established resistance is mainly to herbicides inhibiting photosystem II, which belong to the group HRAC (C1/5), as well to ALS inhibiting herbicides belonging to the group HRAC (B/2). Until now in Serbia resistance to glyphosate (grupa HRAC G/9), as well as to glufosinate-ammonium (group of glutamine synthetase HRAC H) has not been established, but due to the widespread use of these herbicides, in some weed species there are prerequisites for the resistance occurrence to these mechanisms of action.

Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Serbia
Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Serbia
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Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Serbia
#SpeciesCommon NameFirst YearSite of Action
1 Amaranthus retroflexusRedroot PigweedSerbia 1999245 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
2 Setaria viridisGreen FoxtailSerbia 1999245 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
3 Chenopodium simplex (=C. hybridum)Giant GoosefootSerbia 2000245 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
4 Amaranthus retroflexusRedroot PigweedSerbia 2002245 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
5 Echinochloa crus-galli var. crus-galliBarnyardgrassSerbia 2002245 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
6 Abutilon theophrastiVelvetleafSerbia 2003245 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
7 Datura stramoniumJimsonweedSerbia 2004245 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
8 Chenopodium albumCommon LambsquartersSerbia 2007245 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
9 Sorghum halepenseJohnsongrassSerbia 2014245 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
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