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Status of Herbicide Resistance in Czech Republic - Josef Soukup : January, 2014

Absolute number of resistant weed species in the Czech list is relatively high (16) but majority of species are those resistant to PS II inhibitors, especially triazines which were used historically in orchards, maize and on railways in seventies and eighties in the last century. The status of resistance in listed populations has not been revised since the year of publication. We assume that the resistance is disappearing because triazines and other PS II inhibitors (except for terbuthylazine) are no longer used in these crops.

Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Czech Republic
Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Czech Republic
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Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Czech Republic
#SpeciesCommon NameFirst YearSite of Action
1 Polygonum lapathifoliumPale SmartweedCzech Republic 198212 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
2 Amaranthus retroflexusRedroot PigweedCzech Republic 198512 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
3 Chenopodium albumCommon LambsquartersCzech Republic 198612 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
4 Conyza canadensisHorseweedCzech Republic 198712 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
5 Senecio vulgarisCommon GroundselCzech Republic 198812 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
6 Poa annuaAnnual BluegrassCzech Republic 198812 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
7 Amaranthus powelliiPowell AmaranthCzech Republic 198912 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
8 Chenopodium album var. striatum (=C. strictum var. glaucophyllum)Lateflowering GoosefootCzech Republic 198912 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
9 Polygonum persicariaLadysthumbCzech Republic 198912 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
10 Echinochloa crus-galli var. crus-galliBarnyardgrassCzech Republic 199412 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
11 Kochia scopariaKochiaCzech Republic 199612 Multiple Resistance: 2 Sites of Action
ALS inhibitors (B/2)
Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
12 Solanum nigrumBlack NightshadeCzech Republic 199912 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
13 Digitaria sanguinalisLarge CrabgrassCzech Republic 200512 Photosystem II inhibitors (C1/5)
14 Apera spica-ventiSilky WindgrassCzech Republic 200512 Multiple Resistance: 2 Sites of Action
ALS inhibitors (B/2)
PSII inhibitor (Ureas and amides) (C2/7)
15 Conyza canadensisHorseweedCzech Republic 200712 EPSP synthase inhibitors (G/9)
16 Alopecurus myosuroidesBlackgrassCzech Republic 200812 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
17 Bromus sterilisPoverty BromeCzech Republic 201712 ALS inhibitors (B/2)
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